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Graduate and Undergraduate Courses





GEO 391/ GEO 371C

Every spring semester

Computational Model &
Hands-on Experiments

The goal of this course is for students to develop their own numerical tools to quantitatively understand sediment transport and stratigraphic development in sedimentary basins. The focus of this class ranges from applications of the principles in fluid mechanics, sediment transport, and depositional mechanics to one-dimensional and quasi-two dimensional numerical modeling of sediment morphodynamics in various depositional settings such as a) river deltas, b) carbonate platforms, and c) submarine fans. Through this course, students will develop their own geometrical and morphodynamic models as research tools to understand their own data from the field and/or laboratory experiments.



GEO 416M

Every fall semester

Siliciclastic and Carbonate
Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

This is an undergraduate course that deals with description and interpretation of characteristics of sedimentary rocks deposited in different environments.

Students learn about grain parameters, sediment transport, bedforms, rivers and deltas, carbonate factories, mud and porosity, rock classification and facies, mineralogy, and geochemistry. This course consists of lectures and labs in small groups.

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